This course is designed for female CFOs & senior level finance executives who wish to gain invaluable insight into their personal leadership styles and career strengths, and master the building blocks of business acumen. This is a 4 day training with intensive workshops, simulations, best practices and an individual coaching trajectory.

From glass ceilings and “leaning in” to office politics and work-life balance, female executive leaders face numerous challenges. As they ascend the corporate ladder and take on greater management responsibilities, women executives need a full understanding of how to navigate the dynamics involved.


Women in Executive Leadership is an executive leadership program for women that features the latest insights in work motivation and engagement, career development, internal coaching, emotional intelligence, and women in leadership roles. Participants will gain invaluable insight into their personal leadership styles and career strengths, and master the building blocks of business acumen.


With a dual focus on clarity and confidence, this training delivers sophisticated business and leadership concepts that have immediate and practical application for today’s female business leaders, allowing them to improve their leadership capabilities and advance their career. Participants will come away with a better understanding of how to apply contemporary business theories currently driving their organisation and results, while creating a personal plan for their own professional advancement.


What sets this program for women executives apart is its strong focus on business acumen and leadership, combined with a practical approach to developing and honing these strategic skills.

Session topics include:

• Critical Thinking and Decision Making

• Emotional Intelligence

• Leaning In: How Not to Fall Over

• Leadership and Teamwork

• How Top Women Succeed


Redefining yourself and your job

Many women work very hard after leaving school to get the success and the position they always wanted and rightfully deserve. They focus on building their expertise but feel something is holding them back to grow further in their leadership role while men advance faster.

Today more than ever, major transitions in your job assignment do not come neatly labeled with a new job title or formal move. Subtle or not-so-subtle shifts in your business environments create new - not always clearly articulated - expectations for what and how you need to deliver. These changes in managerial responsibilities are important and require commensurate adjustment. Many women are expected to step up to a significantly bigger leadership role while sitting in their same jobs and holding their same titles. It often makes them uncomfortable.

We will explore how to step up your leadership role, even when you don’t receive specific outside recognition or guidance, by a do-it-yourself transition.

The stepping-up guidelines you can expect from this module are based on four critical sources of insight. First rethinking how you do what you do. Second, reflecting on the kind of work you do. Third, how you build a thriving high-performance team. Fourth, analysing new roles and activities that put you in contact with a network of people and future leaders who broaden your world.

These four sources will form a quadruple pod that will (re)define and shape your identity as a leader.

Learning goals for this session are to:

• Become aware of how you can invent your own identity.

• Become aware how you can redefine your own job.

• Explore personal challenges and assumptions and your core motivational drivers.

• Gain insights about your own leadership style and the impact you have on others.





Marcia De Wachter was the first woman to obtain  a PhD in economics at the University of Antwerp. She served in several positions at the National Bank of Belgium where she was the first woman to become Vice Governor in its 168 year history. She is founding member of the international Women’s Forum for Economy and Society. Marcia is INSEAD and IPSIS Institute certified business and leadership coach.



Combine with

• "High Performance Finance Function", module of the EMF programme. 

Solvay Brussel School
Franklin Rooseveltlaan 42

1050 Brussels


The Solvay building is located in the green heart of Brussels, on the edge of the beautiful Ter Kameren forest and a 15-minute walk (or 5 minutes by public transport) from the bustling center of Brussels. If desired, there are numerous
accommodation options (hotels and (air) bnb) in the neighborhood and in the center of the city. Need help?  Do not hesitate to contact us.

3.300 euro, excl VAT

4 days training


4.000 euro, excl VAT

4 days training + coachingsession


DECEMBER 2019 12-13

JANUARY 2020 16-17