Managing a merger or acquisition can be one of the greatest challenges faced by an organization. To reap maximum value, leaders must consider multiple factors, balance short- and long-term needs, and guide a well-planned execution — often under the watchful eye of their boards and investors.

We help you develop and implement successful strategies to support your company’s mergers and acquisitions activity.

Most companies have plans to grow their business and increase sales and profits. However, there are certain methods they have to use for implementing a growth strategy. The chosen method to expand business depends largely on the financial situation of the company, the competition and even government regulation. In this module you will learn how the finance function can deal with and support different growth strategies: market penetration strategy, market expansion or development, product expansion strategy, growth through diversification and last but not least, we will focus a lot on the strategy to acquire (or merge with) other companies.You will learn how to integrate the strategic, managerial, economic, and financial decisions thataffect the realisation of mergers and acquisitions. You will gain new insights into why an acquisition strategy is related to all elements of the process, including valuation, negotiation, deal structure, due diligence and integration.We will facilitate discussions and present case studies and several real-world M&A simulations, enabling you to gain experience in successfully navigating a transaction while dealing with a wide array of issues, from due diligence to anti-trust questions. Developed to improve your odds for success, this module will teach you strategies you can hone and execute quickly for measurable results. Determine a rationale, select and value acquisition targets and evaluate the long-term potential of a partnership. Understand how to manage the complexities of the merger process. Identify acquisition strategies, execute and close deals and integrate acquisitions successfully. 

After completing this two-day module, you will be able to manage all aspects of growth in general and the whole M&A process in particular. Moreover, you will learn to adjust the standard businessvaluation models to fit into the entrepreneurial context and be able to structure deals in even the most uncertain environments. Understanding risk and control is another important part of this course


Concept of value and value drivers


ROIC versus growth: which one to favour (life cycle)


Drivers of growth and impact on value created

• Organic growth

• Reasons for M&A

• KPI to assess M&A

• The acquisition process (both from a legal and CFO point of view)

Legal framework

Shares or assets

The process in detail

Point of attention

Demystication of M&A technical jargon

• Valuation & funding

• Post Integration

• Structuring acquisitions & buy-outs

• Managing Strategic Alliances



Jacques Purnode was until recently CFO at Ontex. He took his first steps in the finance world at ESA. When he left, he joined Interbrew which subsequently became Inbev where he moved from coporate audit director to VP finance and IT Central Europe and finally VP Information technology.  After Inbev, he joined Coca Cola, where he was first Finance Director UK, then CFO for Western Europe. In 2013, he became CFO at Ontex.


Christina Trappeniers is partner at Ambos Law. Before she was active as (senior) associate in the practice group Corporate, Finance and Commercial law of Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP (2004 - 2009), as a lawyer commercial and company law with Monard-D’Hulst (2001-2004) and as an associate commercial and company law with Deloitte & Touche - Tax & Legal NV. 



A good understanding of module “Understanding the Company” and “Financing and Investment Decisions” is necessary prior to attending this module


Combine this module with EMF module 11 “Negotation Skills”.

Solvay Brussels School

Franklin Rooseveltlaan 42

1050 Brussels


The Solvay building is located in the green heart of Brussels, on the edge of the beautiful Ter Kameren forest and a 15-minute walk (or 5 minutes by public transport) from the bustling center of Brussels. If desired, there are numerous
accommodation options (hotels and (air) bnb) in the neighborhood and in the center of the city. Need help?  Do not hesitate to contact us.

1.650 euro, excl VAT

Other price formulas: 

  • You can choose to follow this module in the context of the EMF programme. If you complete all 15 modules in a period of 15 subsequent months, then you pay € 16.000. If you spread it over a period of 3 years, then you pay € 18.000. 

  • Five Module package: 7500 euro / 5x2 modules of your choice. 

  • In-company:  This training personalized as part of your in company: good idea! Call us. 


OCTOBER 2020 30-31

OCTOBER 2021 29-30