It is every organization’s aim to become as high-performing as possible, to overrule the competition. This aim can only be fulfilled once every department on itself has tilled its performance to a maximum, especially the finance department since it is tied to every other department of an organization. This module provides interesting insights that allow you to turn your finance function into a High-Performance Finance Function (HPFF). 

In the past decade many organizations have been striving to become a high-performance organization (HPO). The HPO is defined as “an organization that achieves financial and non-financial results that are exceedingly better than those of its peer group over a period of five years or more”. Core to the HPO idea is to create such a strong internal organization that it can easily and flexibly deal with both threats posed and, especially, opportunities presented by the outside world. This can only be effectively achieved when all parts of the organization contribute to creating and sustaining the HPO. This means that all departments, functions, business units, and divisions must transform themselves into high-performance entities. Among the most important support functions of every organization is the finance function. The finance function can be regarded as the spider in the organizational web, as it has relations with every part of the organization and is also represented on the executive board. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that this function takes the lead by quickly transforming itself into a high-performance finance function (HPFF), which is a function which supports the organization to become and remain an HPO by ensuring that its people, processes, and systems are of the highest quality. In this module, based on a combination of theory, practical examples and actual data of organizations, the concept of the HPFF is discussed and made practical in such a manner, that participants after finishing the module, can start to transform their own finance functions into an HPFF.


Learning goals for this module are to:

• use the HPFF Framework factors to become high performing

• transform your finance function into an HPFF and achieve higher performance

• be a leader in the HPFF by becoming an HPFF Coach

• introduce the HPFF Framework in your finance function

• apply the lessons learned from other finance functions that transformed to an HPFF.


Introducing and analyzing the characteristics of a high performance organisation

In depth analysis of 5 HPO factors and the underlying characteristics

• Management quality

• Openess and action orientation

• Long term orientation

• Continuous improvement

• Employe quality


Transforming your company into a high performance organization

• Buidling blocks and roadmap to get there

• Analysis of financial results to expect

• Analysis of non-financial results to expect

• What are hygienic factors and what does really matter?


The five principles of high-performance managerial leadership 




André de Waal is Academic Director of the HPO Centre and Partner at the Finance Function Research & Development Center. André has published over 400 academic and managerial articles and 34 books. André has received several awards for his writings. He currently travels the world helping and coaching organizations to become high-performing.


Peter De Roeck is owner and CEO of Financial Media, a knowledge company  for CFOs and members of the finance function. He is editor in chief of CFO Magazine, organizer of several CFO events (a.o. Best Finance Team of the Year) and seminars, co-author or the book “HPFF in practice” and Practice Director of the Solvay Finance Academy.



Before the course starts, all participants complete the internet-based HPO & HPFF questionnaire on their own finance function organisation. In this way data is collected that will be used during the course, in a lifelike case study.

Combine with "Leadership" and the program "From CFO to Boardmember".

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