Learn from experienced practitioners how to accelerate the innovation potential of your organization and sharpen your skills to innovate during this two-day intensive training program. You don’t only bring the finance function in an improved business partner situation, you also develop the skills to innovate within the finance  function yourself.

Within the constantly evolving business ecosystem, it is essential to understand your organization’s innovation potential. How do you identify strategic opportunities and develop breakthrough business ideas? How to turn ideas into attractive product and service concepts? Disruption is the new normal and the speed with which changes take effect is increasing daily. How does your company stay competitive in such circumstances? By innovating at a rapid pace and by searching for and implementing new business ideas. As a CFO, you’re wondering how to approach the process to improve long-term performance?

This training gives you the insights and tools to manage, adjust, develop and implement effective innovation processes. You will also learn more about how you can best tackle culture innovation within your company. You get access to recognized techniques to create value adding business concepts. Effective innovation requires entrepreneurial and creative skills, an innovation toolset and solid knowledge on innovation management. After all, innovation is a process that must be managed properly to create growth and profitability.

• Identify the mechanisms that lead to transformation and disruption

• Learn to anticipate changes within and outside your company

• Be inspired to develop your own vision of innovation

• Formulate an action plan to innovate the core business

• Find the balance between internal and external or open innovation

• What mindset and skills are expected from an innovation leader?


Overview of key innovation concepts

What are the different types of innovation? Their business meaning and impact on organization/implementation.


How to identify strategic opportunities?

Key top-down concepts and thinking frameworks to identify

strategic innovation directions and search for opportunities.


Generate ideas with brainstorming techniques

We teach methodologies to stimulate creativity. Which intrapreneurial processes can you set up to capture disruptive ideas outside of the core business? What can you learn from outside-in innovation? How can you use hackathons, incubators & accelerators, innovation boot camps and corporate venturing?


How to deal with the “Valley of Death”? 

Any reliable financial forecast will almost invariably predict negative returns of any good innovative idea. 


Public funding 

How can public funding help address the innovation financial risk? 



Sergio Barbarino is an R&D Research Fellow at the Procter & Gamble Brussels Innovation Center where he leads the P&G C+D (open innovation) team. Sergio is also the Chairperson of ALICE, the EU Innovation Platform for Logistic aimed at realizing the Physical Internet. He is visiting professor at the Ecole des Mines de Paris, the City University of London, Laval University Quebec, Solvay Brussels School, Georgiatech and Purdue



Combine this module with "Digital Finance", "Leadership" and "High Performance Finance Organization" and become the leader of the digital transformation in your company.


Combine this module with "Managing value and growth" and and you have all the knowledge to implement the growth strategy of your company.

Solvay Brussels School

Franklin Rooseveltlaan 42

1050 Brussels


The Solvay building is located in the green heart of Brussels, on the edge of the beautiful Ter Kameren forest and a 15-minute walk (or 5 minutes by public transport) from the bustling center of Brussels. If desired, there are numerous
accommodation options (hotels and (air) bnb) in the neighborhood and in the center of the city. Need help?  Do not hesitate to contact us.

1.650 euro, excl VAT

Other price formulas: 

  • You can choose to follow this module in the context of the EMF programme. If you complete all 15 modules in a period of 15 subsequent months, then you pay € 16.000. If you spread it over a period of 3 years, then you pay € 18.000. 

  • Five Module package: 7500 euro / 5x2 modules of your choice. 

  • In-company:  This training personalized as part of your in company: good idea! Call us. 


MARCH 2021 12-13

MARCH 2022 11-12