Organizations must optimize the internal processes of their departments in order to achieve their business objectives, reduce their costs and satisfy their (internal) customers. This module focusses on the optimization of the financial processes. Learn how to spot and overcome pitfalls and make your business more efficient. 

The pressure on the financial function to work more efficiently and effectively is increasing. Today, achieving basic performance often requires a lot of hard work. In addition, many processes in finance run manually and are not aligned or integrated. This is untenable in the long term. Finance must put efficiency improvement high on the agenda by optimizing its processes.

This module gives you the insights and skills to change your organization by optimizing processes. As a result, the organizations achieve their objectives much better. The fruits of good process optimization are many and varied. Just think of:

• Realizing a shorter lead time

• Work more cost-effectively

• Limiting “work in process” and stocks

• Less frustration - both with management and employees - due to lost efficiency

• Better quality control

• Better control of risks, both regarding continuity and liability

• Greater (internal) customer satisfaction


The purpose of this module is to teach you as a financial the techniques and skills to redesign and optimize the financial processes. After this module you can

• analyze processes in detail, map them and adjust them

• bring the process quality, control and flexibility in your organization to a higher level

• use the right BPM tools and learn to recognize pitfalls in your processes


Mapping the most important financial processes


Process inventory

• Identify process list

• Prioritize process list


Drawing process flows

• Documenting

• Flow charting tools

• BPMN 2.0


Business Process Management

• Improve techniques

• Operational excellence

• Value adding

• Six Sigma

• Lean

• Internal control

• Automation & RPA                 



Dennis Houthoofd is the founder and managing director of Horsum, a consulting company that focuses on process optimizations, business assessments, digital & ERP selections, process mining and data analytics. Dennis is a master in Applied Economic Sciences. He also obtained an executive master’s degree in Controllership, a postgraduate degree in Integrated Product Development, a certificate in “Process Mining: Data science in Action” and an executive master’s degree in “Creating Business Value with Big Data”.



We will organize a 1 day training about Process Mining, which is deeping and addition of this module. Participants to this module will get discount to participate. Check our website.


 Combine this module with “Enterprise Performance Management

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1.650 euro, excl VAT

Other price formulas: 

  • You can choose to follow this module in the context of the EMF programme. If you complete all 15 modules in a period of 15 subsequent months, then you pay € 16.000. If you spread it over a period of 3 years, then you pay € 18.000. 

  • Five Module package: 7500 euro / 5x2 modules of your choice. 

  • In-company:  This training personalized as part of your in company: good idea! Call us. 


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