Understanding the company

January 2020 - 16 & 17 

Learn how to digist finance statements into insightful financial takeaways and build cash flow plans.

Financing and investment decisions

January 2020 - 23 & 24

Be equipped with the capacity to represent, asses and support the financial image of a firm and its projects

Digital finance

Februari 2020 - 13 & 14

Digitalization of the finance function provides a competitive advantage, but are you able to use the tools efficiently?

Creating value, managing growth

March 2020 - 12 & 13

Managing a merger or acquisition can be one of the greatest challenges faced by an organization. We help you develop and implement successful strategies to support your company’s mergers and acquisitions activity.

Financial Analytics

May 2020 - 14 & 15

The digitalization of companies brings along a tremendous amount of data.  Efficient interpretation and analysis of this data can give your company the competitive advantage it needs. This module will explore the world of BI and AI. 

Enterprise Performance Mgt

June 2020 - 11 & 12

This module concentrates on the processes, tools and techniques of EPM. Supported by practical exercises and case studies this module will give you the knowledge and ability to understand an implement the key aspects of EPM.

Optimize the working capital

September 2020 - 10 & 11 

While there are numerous ways to free up working capital, in this module we take a deep dive in the core strategies to optimize working capital

Financial risk management

October 2020 - 15 & 16

Identifying financial risks, understanding their impact and how to mitigate them is important. But equally important is to make sure senior non-financial executives can comprehend the financial implications of the decisions they make and the trade-offs they face.

Tax (risk) management

November 2020 - 19 & 20

The management of the tax position of a group of companies is in the current module approached as a risk management exercise. 

Business process management

December 2020 - 10 & 11 

Organizations must optimize the internal processes of their departments in order to achieve their business objectives, reduce their costs and satisfy their (internal) customers. This module focusses on the optimization of the financial processes. Learn how to spot and overcome pitfalls and make your business more efficient. 

Negotiation skills

January 2021 - 14 & 15

In the business world negotiations are part of the daily routine. It is therefore crucial that one learns how to gain the upper hand during a negotiation, especially when one is confronted with ambiguous or insufficient information. This module develops your negotiation skills.

Driving innovation 

Februari 2021 - 11 & 12

Learn from experienced practitioners how to accelerate the innovation potential of your organization and sharpen your skills to innovate during this two-day intensive training program. You don’t only bring the finance function in an improved business partner situation, you also develop the skills to innovate within the finance  function yourself.

The impact of macro-economics

March 2021 - 11 & 12

Macro-economic trends and changes and geo-political situation have an impact on your company and its competitiveness. This module will help you understand macroeconomic behaviours and trends, the direct and indirect dependence of your activity on them, and integrate these reasonings when making financial decisions over different time-horizons.

High performance finance

May 2021 - 21 & 22

This module provides interesting insights that allow you to turn your finance function into a High-Performance Finance Function (HPFF). 


June 2021 - 17 & 18

Organizations and their leaders face the need to become more agile due to their continuously changing environment. This module elaborates on how leaders should cope with job transitions, how to change their leadership style when needed and how to face contemporary challenges such as stress and burnout.