How to transform your finance function into a high performing businesspartner?


You experience daily that today’s demands on your function are much higher than before. The demand for high-quality real-time information and strategic analytical support is increasing, compliance and risk requirements are higher, and the financial function is considered to deliver more added value to the operation. Routine work disappears and work processes, that might or might not be lean and mean and data driven, are completely redesigned. In summary: the challenge of every finance function today is to provide better, faster, more in-depth service for internal customers ("the business") and management. Or, in other words, realize the ambition of becoming an indispensable business partner.

In this evening session, we inspire you how you can rebuild your finance into a such a high performing function and how you can become the driving force of it. 


Session 1 – 19h-19h30

Insights from scientific research: discover the drivers of a high performance finance function and benchmark your finance function with the situation of the finance functions of the Belgian companies.

Session 2 – 19h30 - 20h00

In this session we:

  • make a diagnosis of your company’s finance function

  • measure the strength of the resistance present to become high performance

  • build a top 3 of ‘good ideas/best practices’ to improve.

Session 3: 20h00 - 20h30

In this session, we focus on the role of personal development in the process of installing a high performance finance function and the way in which the Executive Master in Finance answers to the needs of the finance function of today and tomorrow.

From 20h30: networking time! 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions, meet and greet with faculty and CFOs involved in the programme during a walking dinner.


Contact us 

Peter De Roeck 
0498 16 02 45 |

Hugues Pirotte

Venue & timing

10th of DECEMBER 2019

Reception at 18h30, sessions start at 19h punctual

Solvay Brussels School

Franklin Rooseveltlaan 42, 1050 Brussels


Subscription is free. However for practical reasons we ask you to register. Click the button below. 

Hugues Pirotte

Academic Director Solvay Brussels School & Founder FinMetrics

Peter De Roeck

Practice Director Solvay Brussels School & CEO Financial Media