You experience daily that today’s demands on the financial function are much higher than before. The demand for high-quality real-time information and strategic analytical support is increasing, compliance and risk requirements are higher, and the financial function is considered to deliver more added value to the operation. Routine work disappears and work processes, that might or might not be lean and mean and data driven, are completely redesigned.
A  finance professional who is future proof can deal with this. Even more so, he or she will take the lead in this!

However, studies clearly show that the financial function still operates too often in isolation. Nevertheless, it is pre-eminently that function that can drive all other busiess functions to a higher level of performance by providing them with the resources and information they need to do so.

The finance function itself must therefore support and guide the added value creation process of a company. This means that they also have to ask themselves how they can be of added value. The fact is that if the finance function wants to remain the core of the organization, it has no choice but to resolutely opt for the development and training of its ‘top’ people.

For the first time in Belgium, an academic institution partner s with the main “peer” network company to develop a new scientific based training that zooms in 100% on the needs of the finance function of today and tomorrow. This is the Executive Master in Finance offered by the Solvay Finance Academy. 

Central to the program is the exchange of relevant knowledge and experience between the participants and the faculty. This means there is not only knowledge consumption but also knowledge production.

This program makes every participant a stronger finance professional who has a high added value for his organization and prepares everyone to take on the role of CFO. That does not happen automatically: the participants will have to make the necessary efforts such as actively participating in the lectures and workshops, providing presentations, solving cases and writing a final paper.

Anyone who participates in this course, adapts to state-of-the-art (scientifically founded) knowledge and quickly becomes part of a fascinating community. The program is offered with a modular design where the ‘Executive Master of Finance’ diploma is the culmination and final piece of the program. The acquired insights and contacts will last a lifetime. 


The Executive Master in Finance is for senior-level executives and high-potential professionals who wish to accelerate their career development in the area of modern finance. Additionally, executives working in roles where they need to significantly expand their understanding of finance or whose career mobility demands greater financial expertise will benefit from this course.


Ideal participants will have significant career and academic achievement and will currently be on a career progression that has involved consistently increasing levels of responsibility.


Fluency in English, written and spoken.


On the 10th of December, we host an inofession during which we dig deeper into the concept of the high performance finance function and the way in which the EMF program answers to the needs of the finance function of today and tomorrow. 

Several interesting content sessions will be given by the two programme directors Peter de Roeck and Hugues Pirotte. Above that, you will get the chance to meet and greet with the CFOs involved in the programme and to extend your professional network. 

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You can follow the EMF trajectory in a timing that suits you the best:


Executive Master in Finance in 1 period (15months)

Starting September 2020 - ending May 2021

 Check this website for dates


Executive Master in Finance at your own pace (max 3 periods)

You engage for 15 modules, but you are able to make your own schedule

Starting September 2020 - ending May 2022 at the latest - Check the websites for upcoming training dates


Five Module package

You don’t aspire to the Executive Master title, but you make your own development path and pick up to 5 modules of the EMF to be followed in 1 period between September 2020 and May 2021



Each module can be seen as an independent training on its own. Choose the one that fits your needs and participate. For each module, specialised masterclasses will be available to allow you to dig deeper.

Upon completion of the Executive Master in Finance, you will be granted Solvay alumni status and gain access to resources that facilitate professional growth through lifelong learning opportunities.

• Enjoy the flexibility of starting your learning journey in a timeframe that aligns with your professional goals and allows you to learn while you work

• Build a global network through the dynamic Solvay learning community in which you will be immersed

• Experience individual coaching and support from Solvay’s team of expert executive professors

• Achieve Solvay “Future Proof Financial” certification


Upon completion of the EMF, you will return to your organization with:

• Advanced financial acumen that will distinguish you professionally

• Strategic insight that will strengthen your financial leadership skills as well as enhance your professional value to your company

• A powerful network of peers and industry leaders from a variety of industries and business disciplines

The EMF modules can also be the building blocks to shape your internal finance academy. Or have you already thought of forming a corporation with a few other companies to develop an in-company training program. And of course we would like to make a personalized offer if you follow the EMF training course or specific modules with multiple participants from the same company. Contact us to discuss the possibilities to personalize EMF.

The mandatory modules to achieve the title of Executive Master in Finance are:

 Understanding the Company

 Financing and Investment Decisions

Digital Finance

Creating value, managing Growth

Financial analytics

Enterprise Performance Management

Managing cash and working capital

Managing Financial Risks

Managing Tax Risks

Business Process Management for Finance

Negotiation skills

Driving Innovation in the Company

Understand the impact of macro-economic analysis

High Performance Finance